BAJ Freight and Logistics Limited offers innovative and cost effective haulage solutions for various industries with business units equipped and trained to handle

  • Bagged Goods (Cocoa Beans, Shea Nuts, Cashew, Rice, Sugar, Cotton, Fertilizer, Cement)
  • Bulk Goods (Wood, Wheat, Construction Material, Mining Extracts)
  • General Cargo (Cars, Electronic equipment etc)
  • Containerized/Liner Cargo (Standardized 20ft./40ft.)
  • Project Cargo (Out of Gauge Goods)

To date, we own and operate 45 trucks and 60units of Trailers, ranging from 20’/40’ for the container haulage, bulk and bagged goods. We also operate 11 conventional extendable trucks, Multi Axle Low Loaders, 30ft box trailer, 5 toner HIAB trucks , 5 toner ,4.5 toner trucks. To ensure cargo integrity and safety of all, the trucks and trailers are regularly maintained at tip top condition.

Our team of professionals risk assess every route before dispatching trucks on client business. The company’s Tracking and monitoring system is also linked to a tailor- made comprehensive information portal, providing a loop for clients to follow their business in real time.


Radioactive and Explosive transporters

radioactiveWe are the pioneers in Radioactive material transportation in Ghana and we are aptly serving the industries that move radioactive sources within Mining , Oil and Gas sectors. Our DG team is trained and equipped with personnel Thermoluminescent dosimeters (TLDs) badges, and radiation survey meters to ensure 100% monitoring of all radiation workers. We are able to obtain an assessment of the effective dose and where appropriate, the equivalent dose in significantly exposed tissues, so as to demonstrate compliance with managerial and national regulatory requirements.

Specially engineered trucks certified by state regulatory agencies are used for transporting radio actives materials and explosives.

The company provides special escorts for these materials from loading point to delivery point.

Lifting services

Every project provides its own challenges. Here at BAJ Freight Through our dedication to excellence and commitment to safety, we deliver on our promise of ” lifting only when it is safe” and ensuring that we meet the most demanding project schedules.

Cross-Border Haulage

This is a special service for Clients from the Mining, Oil and Gas sectors. The Cross-border haulage service greatly benefits the shippers and exporters in terms of shorter and more predictable transit time. Under this category the services available are:

  • Takoradi (Ghana) – Abidjan (Cote d’Iviore)
  • Takoard/Tema (Ghana) – Cotonou (Benin)
  • Tema (Ghana) – Bamako (Mali)

Yard and Warehouse Rentals

BAJ Freight operates a number of warehouses terminals, and yards at strategic locations for loading/unloading activities as well as container storage, servicing and cleaning.

Currently we manage and operate :

  • 4,800 sqm dedicated yard in front of quay no 4, Takoradi habour with 110m priority berthing space for vessels handled by BAJ Freight
  • 21,113 sqm open space within the Takoradi Port