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2017 Haulage company of the year

The Business Executive Excellence Awards were instituted in 2014 to publicly recognize and celebrate exemplary conduct and outstanding behavior among carefully selected individuals and corporate executives in Ghana and Nigeria.

BAJ a Ghanaian own compnay has consistently maintained the highest standards of freight logistics in Ghana, from the port of entry, through warehousing and storage to delivery at the doorsteps of clients. In doing so BAJ has incontrovertibly proved that indigenous Ghanaian Logistics solutions can deliver the highest international quality on a consistent basis, a fact confirmed by your continued patronage by some of the most renowned international companies operating in the country.

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2017 Freight & Logistics Service Entrepreneur

Ghana Entrepreneurs & Corporate Executive Awards is organized by Entrepreneurs Foundation of Ghana; the exclusive awards are aimed at recognizing the significance of Ghanaian entrepreneurs in Small, Medium and Large Enterprises (SMLEs) in sustaining economic growth, increasing trade, generating employment and creating new entrepreneurs in Ghana.

This award is bestowed on the corporate executive who has demonstrated, vision business excellence, innovation and deserved to be honored. This was no other than Mr. Joseph Kojo Biney.


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2017 Freight Forwarder of the year

The Ghana Shippers Awards provided a platform to recognize individuals and companies that played a significant role in the growth and development of the industry while recognizing the key functions within the industry that promote growth and sustainability. This was a premier event in Ghana, which showcased on a national scale the excellence and innovation within Ghana’s shipping sector.

The Awards was benchmarked against the excellence for carrier performance despite the recurring challenges and was based on some key performance indicators (KPIs) to derive the standards of excellence.

Key among the standards was on information technology for couriers, safety and competitive pricing amongst other. Carriers who weighted above the scores or survey done by AC Nielsen were honored and awarded amongst which BAJ Freight was one of them.

BAJ Freight and Logistics Limited (BAJ), a fully owned company was registered as a business 2009. The company derived its name from the initials of the three shareholders. Having started the company with very small work force, the company has grown rapidly to become the one of the key companies in freight forwarding industry and the leader in providing customs brokerage, freight forwarding and logistics support in the various sectors including oil and gas. BAJ operates in all entry points across the length and beneath of the country with a current staff strength of over two hundred


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GOGA 2016 Logistics Company of the year & Best Corporate Partnership Award

BAJ Freight and Logistics Ltd is a wholly owned Ghanaian Company with Mr Joseph K. Biney, Ato Quagraine and Fred Bart-Simpson as its first directors and shareholders with equal shares.

Their collaboration dates back to thirty two years ago when they met as employees of Relebo…… From humble beginnings of having a satellite office in Kokomlemle in Accra in 1990 their partnership has grown mainly through their collective understanding of putting company first during their formative and teething years. They have also the strength and weakness of each other and used them for their collective good over the years. The Trio registered BAJ Freight and logistics Ltd in 2007 and has been using the name even since the name BAJ is simply the constant reminder of the hard work of the time and is derived from the acronym Bart, Ato & Joe.


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WFN conference

WFN meetings are held annually to provide an invaluable forum for the exchange of business between WFN Members.

BAJ never misses out on the how much of a family feel WFN has. As the team feels, the love and joy shared, it is all so special.

The meeting provided an invaluable forum for discussion between like-minded companies, a really unique opportunity to serve the client better and in a more innovative way.

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2016 business executive excellence CEO of the year

Joseph Kojo Biney, the CEO, and Co-founder of BAJ Freight and logistics guided the company to the forefront of local participation in the Ghana’s oil and gas industry, making it a hallmark to forge a partnership for this purpose. His quest for pioneering indigenous enterprise has enabled BAJ to partner a wide range of industry players in the oil and gas, as well as providing agency and other services for the maintenance of two rigs and many others. His vision is the raison d’être behind the strong, stable and fast ongoing development of a dedicated oil and gas service facility at Takoradi.  Joseph Kojo Biney is a pride to Ghanaian entrepreneurship and corporate management.

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2016 business executive excellence best freight forwarding and Logistics Company

BAJ Freight, a Ghanaian freight forwarding and logistics company in the general business, telecommunication, mining, oil, and gas industry, providing service for the jubilee oil field as well as the TEN clusters and Sankofa fields currently under development. Being the only indigenous freight forwarding company licensed by Ghana Atomic Energy Commission to transport radioactive material and the only company also licensed by Minerals Commission of Ghana to transport explosive materials

In 2015, the company commenced international haulage services, stretching from the Benin Republic to Cote d’Ivoire and this year, BAJ is developing a dedicated facility for storage, warehousing and fabrication for the oil & gas industry at Takoradi port.

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Liebherr 300 Ton Crane

BAJ Freight has recently added a Liebherr 300 ton crane to its fleet. The Liebherr LTM 1300 all-terrain mobile crane has a maximum lift capacity of 300 tons, and a maximum telescoping boom length of 197 feet, and a lattice jib extension of up to 230 feet. A combination of technological sophistication and unique capabilities make this crane extremely flexible, functional and reliable.

The Liebherr LTM 1300 is powered by a Liebherr 8-cylinder turbocharged engine, has a maximum speed of 50mph, and has a six-axle 12x8x10 drive configuration. Liebherr currently produces the LTM 1300-1 and LTM 1300-6.1, which incorporate feature upgrades and improvements over prior models.

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Break Bulk Exhibition

Africa places itself squarely in the middle of the global value chain, now is the time to assess opportunities and risks for the breakbulk and project cargo transportation industry.

As pacesetters in freight forwarding, BAJ Freight attended this event to seize the opportunity of Breakbulk Africa 2016 which offered opportunities to investigate and find opportunities such as;

Build stronger business relationships and discover business opportunities through networking.

Strengthen your team and support your clients with the in-depth, on-target business intelligence offered by our program

Take advantage of educational opportunities for both existing and prospective clients

The diversity of delegate titles, companies, cargoes and geographies that attended the Breakbulk events created a unique transactional environment not found at any other event.


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Customs House Agents’ Award

BAJ freight and logistics LTD has made a hallmark in customs brokerage and clearance holding a significant market share of the industry.

Our professionalism with clients in the oil and gas as well as the telecommunication industries contributed immensely to the attainment of the KIA collection revenue target for the year 2015.

For that, BAJ freight was recognized as the 3rd most distinguished customs house agent for the year 2015 for revenue mobilization in the KIA collection


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