1 GM 6423-14 DAF VAN Faulty exhauster, lawl leakage, and manifold gasket
2 GT 8564-12 VOLVO VAN Faulty cawl jack,  water tank, and cap jack
3 GN 7638-13 DONGFENG VAN Steering Motor, Gear Box (Second Gear)
4 GM 3391-12 VOLVO VAN Hydraulic door



  1. All the listed vans above belong to BAJ Freight and Logistics Limited, and are being disposed off by the company.
  2. The known faults of the vans are stated above table. Prospective buyers are advised to verify these faults, and carry out further inspections, as they deem necessary, before making an offer.
  3. The vans are available for inspection at the company’s Transport Yard, behind ICGC, Tema Community 5.
  4. By taking part in this tenderg, bidders accept that they have thoroughly inspected the van(s) in question and fully agree that their bids have taken into account all the mechanical, physical, electrical, and other faults, they have personally determined. Every bidder is deemed to have physically inspected the van(s) and is duly satisfied with the defects (apparent or latent). BAJ shall not indemnify a successful bidder for any vehicle defects detected or undetected/latent, regardless of the magnitude, after a successful transaction is completed.
  5. To arrange for physical inspection of the vans, kindly call 059 397 2729.
  6. All offers should be e-mailed to bidding@bajfreight.com. The offers should include the following:
    • Full name and contact details of bidder;
    • Ghana Card (for individuals) and business registration documents (for corporate entities); and
    • Vehicle number(s) being considered with the accompanying bid price(s) in Ghana Cedis.
  7. The deadline for the submission offers is 2:00 PM on Monday, August 7, 2023. Late bids may be rejected.
  8. Prospective buyers who submit the most competitive offers will be contacted. Those who are not contacted one week after the deadline should assume that their bids were not successful.
  9. BAJ reserves the right to negotiate with the winning bidders, if the price reference points are not met.